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1995-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX/Talon TSi AWD 800 hp Rear Axle Set (LSD Model Only)

For years we’ve been making DSM Axles of all flavors and have implemented our New 2pc CV Design into this platform. We are constantly continuing to Innovate and Improve our product line. Starting with the 2nd Gen Mitsubishi Eclipse/Talon AWD (1995-1999 Models) we incorporated our proven 2pc/300m Direct (No Upgraded Hubs Required) Fit Hub design with our solid 300M Axle Bars, Chromoly CV Internals, 300M Splined Inner Differential Stubs to make this 800hp Rated Rear Axle set.

The Drive Shaft Shop level 5 systems have become a standard in the industry for drag racing excellence. They have received widespread recognition for being able to stand the test of time with their sturdy build quality and brutal strength ability. When you’re racing for the win this is the system for you.

Mitsubishi Eclipse and Talon Level 5 Axle/Hub Systems from 750 to 900 HP.

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