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1995-1999 Mitsubishi Eclipse GSX/Talon TSi AWD Level 5 900HP Rear Axle/Hub Kit (Pair)

This is the Level 5 900HP Rear Axle/Hub system for the 2G Eclipse GSX/Talon TSi AWD (LSD Rear only). These axles feature our heavy-duty 36 spline center bars that are made from high-grade aircraft quality material and are significantly more torsional than the factory bars. They also feature billet ball and cage inner CV’s with an aerospace-grade Chromoly spline into the differential. The outer CV is about 30% larger than stock with larger internals. We also include new hubs to accommodate the larger spline with bolt-on wheel bearings (4 bolt flanges) and ARP studs. ABS Rings are also included. Rated to 900HP.

Please Note: These axles are for the GSX/TSi AWD with factory LSD Rear ONLY

Vented Boots, Polished Internals, High-Temp. Grease.

delivery time 14-30 days
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